7 Datally for PC on Windows 10

7 Datally for PC on Windows 10

Living in this digital era will unconsciously force us to always getting closer with internet access. But, you must use mobile data to get internet access. So you can enjoy playing games, having chatting with friends, watching videos, and using many apps. Unfortunately, having mobile data to get internet access needs a high cost. Then, it is necessary to you for being wise in using your mobile data to run the internet access. Otherwise, you may lose your budget in much amount unconsciously. You must have ever been so upset when finding your mobile data run out while you are enjoying a movie. That is really awful, is not it? It seems like a trap. It offers many joyful things, but suddenly it stop and make us really annoyed.

Let me show you 7 Datally for PC on Windows 10!

Then, if you are one of people who are suffering this kind of problem, so do not miss this article. By this article, you may find a solution which can help you out from the trap of mobile data. Every problem has its own solution, and Google offers the solution by launching the app named Datally. This is the answer of your worry. Datally may help you out from the trap of mobile data. It is an app which will save your data almost in amount of 30 %. This app, which is a saver data, will help you to maximize your data and make it more efficient.

How it could be? Datally will help you to control the usage of your data. Then we do not to be worry for having unconscious lost-data, since Datally will help you to save it. Moreover, it may block some apps that may consume data in much number. That is really helpful, is not it?

What things provided about 7 Datally for PC on Windows 10 ?

In detail, I will show you what things you can get from this app. Here we go.

  • There are two keywords of Datally; control the usage and save your data.
  • It is available for us, when we want to control any apps or save the data from certain app by this Datally.
  • Datally will give you a report of your data usage in form of data history. Even, it will show you the usage data of per app that has been run.
  • We can check our data usage in every hour, day, week, even per month. Datally will show them to you.
  • You can enjoy a Wi-Fi Finder which is provided in Datally. It will identify quickly any Wi-Fi which is available to be connected, so we can economize our data usage. It is also possible for us in rating a Wi-Fi network in order to let the other Datally user identify the Wi-Fi.

How to download Datally in your PC on windows 10?

Follow these steps to download Datally for free.

  1. You need to download Android emulator first. Try to find nox app player in the trusted site.
  2. Once android emulator has been downloaded, install it on your personal computer by clicking on install button.
  3. Wait a moment. It will take time to finish the process of installation.
  4. After Nox App Player has been ready, you can search Datally in the search box.
  5. You can start to install Datally by click it on the app icon.
  6. There will be ‘open’ on the installed-app. Then, Datally is ready to be enjoyed.

Got it?

You will not let your friend for getting suffering as well as you before getting this Datally, will not you? Then, you may share this information and let them know about Datally, your data saver.


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