How To Download AOL Gold For Windows 10 Easily

Download AOL Gold For Windows 10. AOL Inc. originally was America Online. This is an agency engaged in the mass media. The company is American multinational. The company’s development is very fast in New York City. The focus of the company is the investment of various brands to the website. AOL Inc. offers bids to publishers, consumers and advertisers about their products, services and digital distribution.

AOL has changed a lot over the years, and is now more focused on content than internet services. A free AOL account gives you access to web-based email and online news and entertainment content. You can also use the AOL Instant Messenger service. If you want to connect to the internet via dial-up, you can still do so.

AOL Dekstop Gold

aol gold for windows 10 downloadOne of the services of AOL is AOL Desktop Gold. This service will provide convenience for all AOL account users. This app can improve the security of your AOL account, so you will be spared by various forms of annoyance. At the verification stage, AOL delivers two stages that the user must endure. This will help you in securing your personal information better. Surely this process will ensure your account can only be done using your password. The addition of encryption will also provide more security to avoid the theft of your personal data information stored on the desktop.

AOL Gold is the latest design available for your desktop. However, actually the form of design and features owned by AOL Gold is almost the same as the traditional desktop. You can directly upgrade your desktop computer if you successfully install AOL Dekstop Gold. Automatically data such as user IDs include names and passwords, letters, contacts and toolbar icons will be transferred. So, you have to read more about download AOL Gold for Windows 10.

Benefit Of Using AOL Dekstop Gold

Surely you want to apply the latest desktop to your computer. A faster, safer desktop will help you work better.
AOL Gold is present to increase broadband internet network speed. This can happen because of the simplification of the download and installation process. In addition, the elimination of stress is also able to make tingka process faster. Benefits you can get are:

  1. Your version will be updated automatically to the most recent version. Thus, your old version will be replaced with a more sophisticated version.
  2. You will get advanced technology. Using the latest technology, the time you need to complete the job will be faster. This is because the speed of performance is increasing. New technologies can prevent errors and crashes.
  3. You can be creative to change your customized of font and text as you wish.
  4. This software uses Two-Screen Verification Process. Therefore, your AOL AOL account will get higher security and be harder to hack.
  5. The installation process is much easier. Stages in the process are simpler and can be done quickly.
  6. If it has been successfully installed, your complete data information will be imported automatically. You can also import manually using the File menu
  7. All contacts you have, along with favorites, are automatically saved on the AOL server.
  8. Web browser will always update if you save favorite web to menu “Favorites and Toolbar”

How To Download AOL Gold For Windows 10

Download AOL Gold For Windows 10 can be done in the following way :

  1. First you have to go into the menu bar
  2. select services and continue click my benefits
  3. After that, the page will be AOL My Benefits
  4. Look to the bottom, you will find “AOL Desktop Gold” then you click on the “Downloas For Another Computer”
  5. You just need to click save button
  6. The last thing you need to know is to install the steps listed on “From AOL Dekstop”

AOL downloads for existing members windows 10

To download it just go to your AOL account >> sign-in >> all product >> AOL GOLD Desktop >> Download now button >> follow the installation instruction.